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Career Centric Project Training

A Career-Centric Project Training Program is a focused education strategy aimed at providing participants with industry-relevant skills through hands-on projects.

KubePro: Kubernetes Essentials

Master Kubernetes and Container Orchestration with our comprehensive course. Gain the skills to deploy, manage, and scale containerized workloads efficiently.

Terraform Essentials

Unlock the power of Infrastructure as Code with Terraform Essentials. Learn to provision and manage cloud resources using Terraform in this course

DevOps Practitioner

Become a DevOps practitioner with hands-on training. Master CI/CD, automation, collaboration, scalability, and agility for efficient software delivery and monitoring.

Azure DevOps

Discover the power of Azure DevOps for streamlined software development and delivery. Learn to automate pipelines, optimize collaboration, and leverage Azure's cloud capabilities.

Python for DevOps

Empower your DevOps journey with Python programming. Harness its automation capabilities and scripting prowess to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Linux and Shell Scripting

Excel in Linux and Shell Scripting for effective system management. Acquire the skills to automate operations, oversee server environments, and elevate your proficiency in a Linux context.

DevOps Real Time Projects

Immerse yourself in real-world DevOps projects. Apply your skills in live scenarios, mastering the art of efficient software development, automation, and collaboration.

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